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Master Alan Goldberg is an American Martial Artist; he is one of the most respected individuals in the world of martial arts today. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

Master Alan Goldberg has been involved in Martial Arts for over four decades, training under some of the most prestigious martial arts masters in the world. He is the publisher of one of the most widely distributed and highly regarded martial arts magazines in the world called “Action Martial Arts Magazine.” He is also the founder and host of the largest martial arts event in the world entitled “Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Fame,” which has been held in Atlantic City, New Jersey for almost a decade.

His commitment and dedication to martial arts has earned him numerous awards globally from some of the most highly regarded martial arts organizations and publications in the world. Some which include “Black Belt Magazine” where he was honored with being named Kung Fu Instructor of the Year in 2004 thus making history in that arena, and he also has well over 75 Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductions over the course of his career.

Master Goldberg has been appointed to a number of organizational boards including “Martial Arts Grand Master International Council” (MAGIC), “WorldBlackBelt” as a founding member along side the likes of Chuck Norris and Bob Wall from “Enter The Dragon” Fame, which featured Bruce Lee, the“MMA Fight Council” as well as various others.

The founding of the “Action Martial Arts Magazines Hall of Fame” was a labor of love for martial arts, in which he started with virtually nothing and built it into the most prestigious and largest martial arts event of its kind anywhere in the world. Boasting a gala black tie event with over 1400 in attendance every year, including various celebrities and notables that attend on their own accord such as Chuck Zito, Phil Morris, Joe Piscopo, Jason Lau, “Superfoot” Bill Wallace, Olando Rivera, Ron Van Clief, Frank Shamrock, Dan Severn, Michael DePasquale, Joe Lewis, Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Bernard Kerik, David Toma, Jeff Smith, Hank Garrett, Michael Jai White, Rampage Jackson, James Lew, Karen Shepherd, Chris Penn, Chuck Wepner, Royler Gracie, Cary Tagawa and  the list goes on.




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